jeudi 18 juin 2009

Soirée folklore dans le Berkshire

Le weekend dernier, Kate et William ont été aperçus dans une fête folklore organisée par un de leurs amis, dans le Berkshire.
L'ex petite amie du prince Harry, Chelsy Davy était également présente.

2 commentaires:

  1. Les jeunes princes ont besoin de se détendre :

  2. Kate Middleton is manipulative,waiting on a young Prince. She has no career, no job except chasing Pr. William, ever since she lived with him at University. She and her mother have gone to great lengths to try to get a proposal out of the Prince. Thank goodness the Palace has his best interest at heart and will not be moved by Kate and her family's manipulations and leaking to the press. This young woman is just not suited for future Queen of England, she is too common, too lower class and too tacky. I hope he wises up and dumps her and her social climbing family.